How COVID-19 Impacts Women?

How covid-19 impacts women

The outbreak of COVID-19 impacts women and men inexplicably in all the way and infected globally, . Though the countries are fighting to get recover from the pandemic disease, the effect has showcased with a high crisis on the economy, health, business, and movements.

The lockdown in effect has changed people’s lives upside down. The disease hit every individual in the globe, among countries and all stages from businessmen to daily wager.

Both men and women have to experience the vulnerable threats for the long-term consequences, to run the family, life balance, and children’s future.

In one end, the countries are combating the coronavirus disease, preparing the vaccine and elevating the economy slowly. On the other end, people are losing their jobs and incomes in large numbers.

It negatively affects most of the businesses across the nation and worldwide, meanwhile they are trying to restore by giving access to work from home and returning to work with a fewer number of employees.

The hard part is, if the breadwinner of the family loses the job, what will be the next — to run for life and family.

Though men and women are potentially emerging to live with the outbreak of disease, this lockdown has proved the most challenging part of women — both in professional and homemakers to demand attention.

In this article, we will see how COVID-19 impacts woman during the lockdown as STAY AT HOME?

The deadly disease with continuous lockdown and quarantines make up every female in increasing the household work on their shoulders, who take care of the homes, jobs, and children as the caregiver to the entire family with or without support from the in-house members.

COVID-19 impacts women on Battle of Motherhood:

The coronavirus influences on children’s education shutting the schools and colleges, making them completely lock at home and study online.

The workload for women gets doubled from the morning to night continuously during this tough time, coping up with the kids, children, adults, and older people in preparing food, domestic activities and also focuses on their profession. This lockdown keeps them busy round the clock

Many mothers accompanying the kids and children in their homeschooling because the wards may first-ever encounter the new technology of virtual classes.

Men are also being a part of helping their lady in household chores, children, and going out for purchasing bits and pieces.

No matter how hard the times are changing  women take a long way in their contribution to cherish the family with a smile.

Women’s Inactive Lifestyle in Lockdown:

The outbreaks of the pandemic disease make females tend to increase the domestic responsibilities at a compressed time without help from outsourcing like maids.
a. The worries about the jobs, money, children, family and the future makes them suffer from mental health,
b. Facing too many pressures and stress at work for working women,
c. And Continuous doing of household activities, during menstruation, pregnancy, and maternity endure their physical health.

It is of no surprise, that people are facing a hard-hitting time during this lockdown, women are giving up their feelings towards inactive lifestyle both physically and mentally.

Covid-19 impacts women on rise of domestic violence — The Shadow pandemic:

Around the world, the coronavirus is affecting the people externally and internally in day-to-day life. The deadly disease externally stops the functioning of the world economy, hangs up the people to move anywhere or any place, shut the business and trades for months is like a nightmare.

Internally, it makes people stay-at-home for a longer time. The pressure of family and financial imbalance creates anxiety, increases in harassment towards girls and women physically and sexually across the globe.

Domestic Violence increases the greater risks during the COVID-19 impacts women across the globe.

Brunt Of COVID-19 Aggravate Monetary Crisis:

The nonstop lockdown and quarantine of coronavirus have become a threat in balancing financial stability of the habitual life of social classes of people.

The unexpected stay-at-home has deeply shaken the economy and also highly vulnerable to every individual across the countries.

Both Men and Women are fighting against COVID-19. They find it difficult to fulfill their commitments in rent, home property, children’s schooling, work, business, and daily needs for a family during the lockdown.

The Financial crisis affects mainly women in Middle and Low-income countries. While the breadwinner of the family loses the job or no income, females who drive the family will have the biggest woe to feed their children and family members without scarcity and hunger.

In this pandemic crisis, Women are uplifting from poverty and trying to rebuild their lives from the day of loss.

A woman who understands the problem of running a family, she gets stronger and harder at the broken places which illuminate today for tomorrow’s life.

Changing of Women’s Live: Will Get Back To Normal?

The outbreak of lethal disease has diluted the era in the advancement, creating a disaster for equality. As a Single parent, managing a business or a job with less income, it’s been a struggle to drive the family.

When females are at work or full-time labor at home, the lion’s share work of childcare and household chores are done by them, although men will help to ease the burden of their activities.

As the pandemic continues, it gives spaces for couples to have broadened conversations and an increase in domestic violence, while women get trapped at home for a longer period.

We believe the unpredictable action of the COVID-19, women resilient against tragic disaster, rolling back to normal lives and not to wait for the next crisis to happen.

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