Why the Life Lessons Learned the Hard Way?

life lesson learned the hard way

Life is the paramount educator tunes every individual to understand who we are from the best experience. We hardly ever recognize the worthwhile inner meaning in advance and often fails in monitoring the mistakes and not to repeat them.

Life is not easy for all. We believe we are gifted for something and that to attain. People will not take advice easily and virtually impossible to see the opportunities that life has walked through until it happens.

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

Here are some of the life lessons learned the hard way where we all encounter in most of the cases.
1. Understanding the behavior of a person:

Someday, we will face the reality of one’s behavior, when we are something (or) nothing. People will look at the lifestyle, wealth, relationships, also the failure we went through.

When we have a harder time, we can indeed ultimately realize who supports rather than filling the space in life. The depth and authenticity of the character define how valuable you’re when you are nothing.

“A change in behavior begins with a change in the life.”

2. Accept the Change:

 In the art of living, we encounter regrets, failures, and losses leaving the memories in the past that cannot fix but can be changed. Our life episode has unexpected happenings in happiness and fulfillment that make us climb the life path with bends and over ridges.

One can’t control their lives, as we are getting older we put in place our ideas from the experience of our threshold.

When to accept the change?

The answer is not simple. The change can vary for every individual, and how they embrace the change defines the optimistic progress to reach their goal in the state of acceleration to enjoy your life that changes over time.

3. Learn from the Relationships:

A new cycle creates the foundation of confidence and emotions to deal with people. We, humans, trust people by default.  Relationships are long, and everyone will have self-discovery to maintain healthy relations.

Sometimes, we don’t always get what we want. We must accept things that come to you, and cherishing the memories to make yourself happy.

There is always a hidden secret that emphasis you to know you have a greater connection. A relationship builds a chain in friends, career, family, surroundings, and many more.

It nurtures every bonding to inject novelty, spend time together, boost your energy in any stage of your living.

“When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.”

4. Prepare to face the Challenge:

Life is full of challenges — which always expects the unexpected change. In one or the other way, we find it is difficult to overcome on a money basis, relationships, health crisis, career achievement, and personal obstacles.

 We tend to blow up things in life. Some people face the challenge with confidence, and the world would see their outcome regarding success or achievement, though the hurdle is small or big that exists for days, months, years, or lifetime..

Others struggle to face the challenge / they face with the fear that leads to even end their lives.

We cannot escape from the challenges. We must learn to live with it. 

There are ways to bypass the challenge that we may face now or later:

i. Redefine:

Sometimes it is difficult to get the answer for,
  a. Why it is happening for me alone?
b. How can I handle and get rid of?

If we make up our minds, we will get the loophole and solution to relieve the crisis. This will be the breaking point in life without any gender difference.

ii. Admit Reality:

When we figure out a solution to the problem, we must accept reality.  Sometimes, blaming ourselves will get stick into the negative emotions of sadness, anger, shame, bitterness, also make us struggle with the problem which we can’t solve.

Accepting reality can make a huge impact in life because each problem will give a different experience. No matter! What is the stage of the problem, instead of thinking, “why me?” We have the other way,

“It’s your life. It’s up to you to make it better.”

We all know life is an unpredictable master that makes us choose either to start a beginning or end the process.  Whatever happens, make up your mind to let things go.

The hard you traveled, reflects a deeper identity that makes you shine wherever you are.

5. Success in Responsibilities :   

In the game of life, we are held responsible from a young age till the end of days.   The challenging part of our life is where everyone fighting for their responsibilities to accomplish it in the right way of both personal and career goals.

When we assigned responsibilities in every job, we try to complete it with fulfillment and satisfaction. But sometimes we fail to finish the job to avoid the ownership of responsibilities with excuses due to our lack of courage and fear.  

We always fool ourselves by comparing our failures with others. Aren’t we proactive with the role assigned?

Yes, we are. But we always work for tempted to be popular, which results in the variations of deliverable which is not expected. It happens in corporate culture and Personal life. Also, it is hypocritical to hold others accountable when we are not.

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”

Don’t hesitate to acknowledge the responsibility- no matter if you are failing, it gives us complete control of our destinies and shapes us from failure.

6. Life-Wallet (Money)  A Game changer:

A powerful key player that decides one’s life to nurture or neglect to keep us survives in the wave of living. It is the hardest lesson that everyone should know how to endure and succeed in a fast-changing life.

The ups and downs we counter in life will take us to recharge every day both physically and mentally.

No matter how often we are failing, we always have another chance for everything in life. But, there is no chance of another life.

Decide yourself; either you want to be a game-changer or a player in your life?

Life is defined individually for every person. We always discover life lesson from what we exercise with difficulties which results to appear great in Life. 

Live with satisfaction with no expectations.

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