ABOUT AUTHOR- What’s My Story?

Hey There! I’m Nithya.

And Nithyadigital is my little corner of the internet.

I’m the creator of the Nithyadigital.com. 

I started as a casual interest that research–driven to explore technology and women.

Nithyadigital is about a space to keep in touch with the digital world and empower women’s nurture.

About Nithydigital.com –Your Dream is Your Signature:

I started this website in 2020, to enrich a good kick-off that cultivates to a new platform to reach millions of people with current trends in digitalism.

My career started as a tutor in Software Testing, trained with more than 200+ students, but I quickly jumped into the startups.  I led the Delivery in the training and service department in an educational institution. 

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My journey moved to the next level, where I joined as a Tester and lead the RD at an online emporium startup where I built trust and enthusiasm for an unknown brand and also created a new website to create awareness to reach the audience and gain the company’s first order is not less than 60 days.

After 6 years of my traveling in Startups, every day I knew the issues I worked on were important. Sometimes the work was not always the most efficient, but I learned new things and ideas where I used to accelerate in my next proficiency creating a wonderful journey.

Who Decides the Expiry of Women’s Dream?

As an independent woman, I live in India with my parents, which is the place for the kingdom of happiness.  I started to realize why we can create our own identity and that’s where I started my new Odyssey.  You can also settle in and buckle up with my posts.

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